Monday, December 29, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Following the craziness of the holidays and my birthday, we ventured to Key Largo, Florida for a little R&R. Overall it was a great trip - perfect weather, relaxing atmosphere and good food. In addition to the below, we had some wonderful ice cream at Mr. C's Gourmet Italian Ice Cream. The owner is a real character who has been making his own ice cream for years.

We stayed at Rock Reef Resort, which was a charming small hotel on the bay side of Key Largo.

The grounds were beautiful.

Fish Matecumbe style at The Fish House. It was very tasty.

Excellent key lime pie from The Fish House.

View from the hotel. I went swimming in here despite it being a bit chilly. We enjoyed all of the hammocks around the property as well as the jacuzzi.

Breakfast from Harriette's. The biscuit was not as good as we expected, but the omelet and pancakes were passable!

Lazy conch at Chef Lupe's Mandalay Restaurant & Tiki Bar. This was really delicious - key lime butter finished it off.

As an entree, we split this hogfish dish served with shrimp. Delicious!

Another morning we ate at Mrs. Mac's Kitchen. They offer a champagne brunch option every day!

One day we went to a bird rescue center. The funny thing was that birds that didn't need rescuing were trying to get into the rescue area!

For the last few days of our trip we visited Coral Gables, where I couldn't resist sitting in the manger for a photo!