Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All American Splurge

For the football game I decided to go all out with the junk food, making hot dogs and fries! The fries turned out well, even if some were not as crisp as I'd like (they were baked, after all) and I made some spicy garlic ketchup to accompany them. Calvin was in charge of the hot dogs, which he likes with slaw and chili. I prefer onion, mustard and ketchup (yeah I know real hot dog lovers despise ketchup - I grew up on it, what can I say?)

Homemade oven fries with garlic powder, salt & pepper and doctored-up ketchup. The plate says, "The cook is not responsible for cat hair in the food." That would be Quincy's responsibility!

The all American hot dog with chili, onions and slaw.