Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Blogger Goes to Flip

My office visited Flip today for Marcia's special birthday lunch. Luckily we had no problem scoring a table and I was glad to finally check this place out. Overall I would describe it as a fun place to go, with some creative ideas for burgers, sides and shakes. I was not blown away by the beef burger I tried (the Butcher Cut, pictured below), but it was definitely tasty. The burger was overcooked for my taste, despite our server telling us that everything came medium rare unless you requested otherwise. I really liked the Po Boygur, which I was fortunately able to taste. The size of the burgers is small, but one along with a side is probably just the right amount. With such a large group, we tried all of the milkshakes offered and I, loyal blogger that I am, tasted them all. My favorite was the Nutella, followed by the pistachio. The Krispy Kreme was not as good as I'd hoped and the foie gras was too meaty (surprise) for my taste.

Our office crew at Flip

Flip's bar area.

Assortment of sides. I liked the fries and the smoked Caesar salad (not pictured) best.

Corn and shrimp chowder.

The Po Boygur - delicious with a slice of fried lemon on top.

Lamburger (left) and Butcher Cut with caramelized onion, blue cheese and red wine jam.

Nutella milkshake with toasted marshmallows.

Do you think we had enough to drink?!

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