Friday, March 13, 2009

Silk Asian Steak & Seafood

Spicy chirashi bowl, crunch roll and salmon avocado roll.

On Wednesday I met a friend at Silk Asian Steak & Seafood Restaurant in Midtown. This place has a nice atmosphere and sizable bar area. It would be a good place for a group on a weeknight as we were practically the only customers there the whole evening - from 7 to 8:30. Lucky for us, we enjoyed excellent service including two complimentary wine samples and a tiny cup of lobster bisque with white truffle oil. The menu here runs the gamut from steaks to seafood to sushi. I decided to stick with the sushi and became intrigued with the spicy chirashi special. Before ordering I thought about the possibility of the hot sauce overwhelming the fish, but I took the risk anyway and was disappointed to find that I was right. I love spicy tuna rolls and I imagined this would be similar and it was to a point; however, the Sriracha overpowered everything and I couldn't tell whether the fish was fresh, tasty or something else. In a way this is my fault for falling for this dish - the waiter even warned me of its heat. Still, I don't think anyone who appreciates good sushi would find this dish memorable. I also sampled the salmon avocado roll, which was tasty. Also of note, the sushi menu offers an option of brown rice sushi rather than white for a $1 extra surcharge per order. This is rather steep, but a nice offering nonetheless. I can't really make a recommendation since I didn't try anything besides sushi. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to return here in the future and render a more definitive opinion.

Seaweed salad - tasty, but chewier than usual.

Complimentary lobster bisque with white truffle oil. It was a very nice gesture to offer this to us - initially it was offered to my friend because I ordered the salad and she didn't have anything and then when the waiter saw us sharing he offered me a cupfull also. It was certainly rich-tasting but it was nothing out of the ordinary and I encountered no lobster that I could tell. The truffle oil finished it nicely, though.

Communal, gender neutral sink. The restrooms are something to see here as washing your hands is a communal affair (or at least it could be if there's anyone else around) in the above trough, which is used by women on one side and men on the other. Fun!

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