Friday, March 20, 2009

Work Lunch: Pizzeria Venti

The Lenox Road location that was formerly occupied by Cedars is now Pizzeria Venti. I tried it on Wednesday with some co-workers. Hungry as I was, I forgot to take photos of what we actually ate but I managed to take a few around the restaurant afterwards. You order at the counter and then a server will bring you your order. Drinks are self-service, although several times someone offered to refill our beverages. Seating is plentiful, with tables in the front of the restaurant as well as a small room in the back. We were practically the only people there, and the service was particularly attentive. We shared the field green and apple salad, which was tasty. Actually the entire salad selection looked good and I noticed a specials board with a strawberry fields salad (details on their website). The pizza here is in rectangles - one per person would be enough for lunch. We tried a slice that had a sliced tomato in the middle as well as a slice with bacon. Additionally, we shared the chicken venti Timpanini, a round of pizza dough baked with toppings stuffed inside. It's supposed to be served with Alfredo sauce, but I requested marinara instead. They also serve baked pastas, soups (only in winter) and have a wine list.

The food tasted good, although this is not my favorite kind of pizza, the dough a bit too gummy or chewy for my taste. I prefer thin crust, what can I say. I really did enjoy the salad, though and on our way out we sampled several of the gelato selections, which are shipped in from Michigan. I would probably come back just for that!! The Timpanini was also tasty and I want to try their "bocce balls" - meatballs wrapped in pizza dough. This is a fine place for a weekday lunch or casual dinner. Their website includes information on a weekly Wednesday night special.

Salad case

Long, rectangular slices of pizza.

Gelato case - several great flavors including a deep dark chocolate on the bottom left.

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Anonymous said...


We are so glad you came by for lunch, and we certainly appreciate that you've told your readers about us!

We are very excited about this neighborhood and our great reception from the community.

Thank you! We hope to see you again soon,

Jaime & Brian Lackey