Friday, August 03, 2012

Sweet Lorraine's Bakery

Sweet Lorraine's Bakery opened in Dilworth on East Boulevard last month. This is a very welcome addition to my neighborhood! I attended the Grand Opening and enjoyed tasting lots of the pastry and bread offerings. My favorites include the prosciutto bread, the pecan sticky bun and the cannoli as well as the signature Sweet Lorraine bar - a brownie and blondie stacked together - what could be better? I look forward to returning to try the cupcakes, scones and muffins as well as the cookies. Coffee is available and there are several tables so you can enjoy right there in the store. Chocolates from Courtney Paul Chocolates are also for sale, including a luscious passion fruit ganache in dark chocolate. Welcome to the neighborhood, Sweet Lorraine's!


Samples of sweets!

The Sweet Lorraine's team in the kitchen including owner Christine Guerriero (2nd from left)!

Chocolate display.

Palet Or (left): creamy dark chocolate ganache topped with gold leaf and Almond Hazelnut: creamy ganache with puffed cereal.

Passion Fruit Ganache enrobed in dark chocolate - my favorite of Courtney Paul's chocolates.

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bluang3lbby said...

They have so many good things. I love the cannoli!