Monday, February 19, 2007

QC Quick Trip

So I went to visit my family in Charlotte over the weekend after I found an E-Saver ticket from Norfolk to Charlotte. While I was there I had some stellar Vietnamese food at Saigon Palace - the yellow pancake and fresh spring rolls.
I also had brunch at the Charleston House on the Plaza, which was very tasty after we finally got to order brunch. Apparently this place used to offer brunch every Sunday (it was even written up as one of the best brunch places in Charlotte) but because business was slow in the morning they had converted brunch into a Sunday dinner buffet. Since we arrived at 11 AM and really wanted some brunch food, we talked to the owner and he said they could make us brunch food. It is really a shame that the brunch menu, which I finally got to see, is no longer being served, but it seemed like if you got to know the owner you could call and request anything from the menu. We tried a wonderful shrimp and crabmeat omelet with a Creole sauce and smooth yellow grits. The lunch buffet was also excellent, with fried chicken, macaroni & cheese and desserts like banana pudding and peach cobbler. Unfortunately I left my camera back in Williamsburg.
It was a great trip, albeit a quick one!