Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Quebec City Trip

Hello! Yes I am still alive and still eating. My third child was born in May and while she is an absolute love and doll baby it has not made a return to blogging easy considering my business, children and other commitments! But I have been thinking about the blog and plan to write a bit more often even if I don't have photos. I know everyone loves photos but that coordination is one of the more difficult parts of blogging. If possible I will add some to this post and delete this!

We just took the kids (yes all 3 of them) to Quebec City and enjoyed the pastries, "chocolat chaud" - I taught my older 2 kids to say this before we left - and cultural and outdoor activities there. We also learned that my older daughter loves escargot and enjoyed them fresh out of the shell! As far as restaurants we were not able to sample any of the really high end places since I did not reserve any child care while there, but we enjoyed La Buche, Bello and Chez Jules in the old city area and also Casa Monna et Filles restaurant and cassis farm and the Ile D'Orleans Chocolate Shop - you must get the chocolate dipped ice cream cone. As luck would have it the above 3 restaurants had no problem with us ordering takeout which was very helpful the kids! Then we would either eat at our apartment - 3rd floor walk-up courtesy of AirBnB or eat by the beautiful fountains near City Hall which my kids also loved running through.

We had a terrible experience with American Airlines on the way - cancelled flight made us delayed by 30 hours, yes that is thirty not three! On the plus side they let us change our flight back so we stayed an extra night at Valcartier Hotel where the kids swam and hit the waterslides at the indoor Bora waterpark. 

We saw an awesome fireworks display and the Flip Fabrique free acrobatics circus which apparently comes with a new show every year. Another upside to our flight being that late and us arriving in the 10-11 PM hour was that the kids stayed up later than usual the whole time. While that might not usually be an upside, it allowed for us (and them) to experience some of the evening activities that we would not normally allow because of the timing. And we typically all took a long nap so that was also positive.