Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cookies from Helen's Kitchen

I was lucky enough to receive a package of Helen's Kitchen chocolate chip cookies recently - just in time for a road trip to Atlanta! Helen's Kitchen is the brainchild of Charlotte resident Helen Burns, who started her own company in 2008 making delicious chocolate chip cookies. Three varieties are currently available: regular chocolate chip, chocolate chip peanut butter and chocolate chip toffee. I tried the regular chocolate chip and found the cookies wonderfully satisfying. Each cookie is topped with a dusting of sea salt, resulting in a pleasing salty flavor on the tongue which enhances the robust flavor of the chocolate. However, if you prefer your cookies without salt, you can get the cookies that way too! Helen's cookies are not completely chewy or crisp; rather with a combination of the two they are bound to please any cookie lover! Helen's cookies are available individually wrapped or in larger quantities in bags or boxes for purchase online. The cookies are also available from FABO and Reid's Fine Foods in Charlotte.