Monday, August 24, 2009

Leon's Full Service in Decatur

French fries with smoked tomato mayo and spicy mango ketchup.

After seeing this placed packed every time I'd driven by on a weekend, I finally tried Leon's Full Service in Decatur. I really enjoyed the experience: our waiter was subtle, yet helpful and attentive, the atmosphere is slightly trendy yet not overbearing or too loud and the food tasted great. My cousin was visiting from out of town and this ended up being a perfect place to take him.

Far left - you can see people playing bocce ball.

Beer and cocktail - the Halemint: crop organic vodka, mint infused pomegranate syrup, fresh lemon juice, house made ginger beer. I loved this cocktail - and that is saying a lot as I am difficult to please when it comes to alcohol.

Menu. They have about 15 sauces available for the succulent fries. Also, sandwiches are available at dinner, allowing for a moderately priced experience if need be.

Free range bird - my cousin ate it all so I guess it was good!

Pan roasted Alaskan halibut - delicious.

Burger with warm cherry and chickpea salad and arugula salad with candied lemon peanuts. All so good!

Patio dining.

This liege waffle took me back to my trip to Scandinavia - crunchy and sweet on the outside, it really doesn't even need the whipped cream/chocolate shavings. I can't wait to return here!

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Jessica said...

I tried to convince the bf to visit this place last weekend! Glad to see you liked it.

Heather said...

This place looks awesome! You always have great suggestions of places to go! Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what's scary to me. I was thinking about heading down to Leon's and an hour later this review appears.

Amy, this kind of thing.. I think about a place and then you either put up "Want to go" or "Likes it" on Urban Spoon or actually review the place.. happens with you more than any other reviewer I know.