Monday, August 03, 2009

Hae Wood Dae - Korean BBQ

The main event - beef and banchan.

Last weekend while my mom and stepfather were visiting we made it to Hae Woon Dae for Sunday lunch. The place was empty right around noon and we were seated in a private room - a nice touch! We ordered the bulgogi as well as the plain beef and the squid. To begin, we tasted their seafood pancake (kind of like Korean pizza) as well as the dumplings. Overall I enjoyed lunch, especially the squid, which was cooked to perfection, juicy and not at all rubbery. However, remembering back to our April visit to Han Il Kwan, Hae Woon Dae did not quite deliver the same oomph. This surprised me as the reviews seemed to favor HWD over HIK. The seafood pancake was most disappointing as it was not at all crispy. I have heard that Duluth is the place for Korean BBQ, but I rarely get out to that area. What is your favorite Korean BBQ place?


Seafood pancake - not enough crunch!


Our waiter cutting the squid while extra garlic cooks on the grill.

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Michael Olsen said...

Have you been to So Dong Kong? Is that considered a BBQ place? It did have some amazing tasting beef, I remember. Nice people... at least I think so; they could have been complete asses towards us while speaking Korean. Never know. Good place.

Amy said...

I have been to So Dong Kong and I really like it, although you don't get to have it cooked in front of you so it's a different experience. Still, it's very good! Thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...


My family's favorite, but hardly a critical dandy, is Cho Wan BBQ in Duluth. It's all you can eat, and a good deal if you go in here for the meat.

The sides are just okay and the sushi quality is highly variable. But my sister-in-law had us celebrate her birthday there, and my wife really likes it.