Friday, February 19, 2010

Beer and Cheese Pairings at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead

The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead is currently offering a unique pairing of beer and cheese in it's Lobby Lounge. The pairings are: Rogue's Chocolate Stout Ale paired with Chocolate Stout Cheddar, Rogue's Morimoto Soba Ale paired with Morimoto Cheddar, and Rogue's Hazelnut Nectar paired with Smokey Blue Cheese. I had the pleasure of attended a complimentary tasting several weeks ago, and enjoyed the pairings very much. My favorite is the Hazelnut beer with the blue cheese. In addition to the beer and cheese, the pairings are served with various crackers as well as jams and jellies that add a burst of flavor to the mix. The fiery pepper jelly with the blue cheese really worked well, as did the apple rosemary jelly. I also enjoyed the pecan jam with the chocolate stout and chocolate stout cheddar. The jams and jellies are all from Ferrywood Thicket, a local farm.