Monday, February 01, 2010

Uncle Julio's

Cadillac Fajitas - steak and lobster tail

Uncle Julio's is a upscale Mexican chain with sixteen nationwide locations including two in Atlanta. I've dined at the Peachtree Hills location twice and both times had mixed feelings about the experience. The fajitas are good, especially the steak, and although I prefer corn tortillas, the flour ones here are fresh, hot and delicious despite their lack of authenticity. The Cadillac fajitas, a special one Friday evening, were divine and I enjoyed the lobster meat. Prices are on the high side here and while of course one expects to pay premium for lobster, an additional $19.95 was added to our bill for the tail. Thankfully I was sharing - the portions, at least for the fajitas, are enormous and definitely way too much for a single diner.

One my other visit we tried calamari - very ho-hum - as well as one of the enchilada dishes and I was not impressed. I do like their warm, light chips and the salsa is not bad, although I always add hot sauce! It is also family-friendly, with coloring pages for kids as well as a kid's menu.

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Anonymous said...


To note, this is a self-declared Tex Mex restaurant from a chain that comes out of DFW. Diana Kennedy wouldn't approve but that's not the muse of a restaurant like this.

For that matter, I don't think I've ever seen a restaurant of the Tejano kind that has such an emphasis on selling grilled meats as this one. I find that pretty remarkable.