Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Artesa Wine Dinner at Bone's

Chilled seafood platter.

Artesa Chardonnay.

Back in January I was invited by Mark Beringer and Artesa Vineyards and Winery to a special dinner at Bone's Restaurant featuring wines from their Napa vineyard and winery. This was a great dinner, and an opportunity for me to try one of Atlanta's premier steakhouses while trying some fabulous wine I might never have otherwise known about.

Mr. Beringer was there personally to tell us about the vineyard and to explain the details of each wine. We tasted a total of eight wines, two of which were quite outstanding. With the chilled seafood platter (outstanding crab legs and colossal shrimp!) we tried two chardonnays. The 2007 Estate Reserve paired beautifully with the seafood and was one of my favorite wines we tried.

Menu - we ordered dessert too!

Kobe beef carpaccio.

Next we had this tasty beef carpaccio with shaved Parmesan and greens; I lov the way the tastes and textures work together here. You can really tell the difference with the high quality Kobe beef. I believe this is on Bone's regular menu and I recommend it even for those who are not big fans of red meat. With the carpaccio we were treated to two kinds of Pinot Noir. At this point, I'm already getting a bit tipsy!

Filet mignon, cooked rare - the way I like it!


Entree choices were filet, NY strip steak or swordfish. I tried the filet even though I rarely eat steak - I figured, while at Bone's one must try the steak. It really was delicious and cooked rare to perfection. I tried a bite of the swordfish, which was also very tasty. With our main courses we tried Artesa's two 2005 Cabernet Sauvignons.

Side dishes - the mashed potatoes and mushrooms were fabulous.

Pecan pie.

Dark Chocolate Torte - I forgot to take a photo until after we'd already dug in!

Although dessert was not on the provided menu, Mr. Beringer told us to order whatever we liked and most of us did! I tried bites of both the pecan pie with ice cream (my top choice) and the dark chocolate torte (very rich). To really end the meal with a bang, Mr. Beringer pulled out two Cabernets from other vineyards - the Lone Pine was excellent.

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Mr. Bill said...

AMY!! What a beautiful meal you were blessed to partake in! My blue eyes are GREEN!!

Artesa Winery said...

Hi Amy. That's a great account of the January dinner at Bones with Mark Beringer. Such wonderful pictures too!

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