Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stone Bowl House - Woo Nam Jeong

Beef bulgogi with banchan dishes.

We met up with friends at this OTP Buford Highway gem on a rainy January evening. The signage here is a bit deceptive, but I've tried to help by calling the restaurant "Stone Bowl House - Woo Nam Jeong" instead of the other way around. When we visited only the English words were visible and all I had was a sheet of paper with "Woo Nam Jeong" scribbled on it with the address. Since the place is in a strip shopping center, this caused a bit of confusion.

In any event, once we arrived, we ended up waiting for about 30 minutes for a table for 5. The restaurant had just been reviewed by the AJC (see their review here) so I think that explains part of the allure that weekend. That and the place is really good - at least really good for non-Duluth Korean BBQ. Since I don't get out to Duluth much I was so glad to find this place. Also the atmosphere is quite nice, with several private rooms.

We didn't opt for the 12 course menu bloggers have been raving about, but it looks like a real experience. I was very happy with the seafood pancake (not oily here and so fluffy) with delicious dipping sauce, the bulgogi - very tasty meat and the bi bim bap as well as the plentiful and fresh banchan (vegetable side dishes including many that are pickled).

Seafood pancake with delicious dipping sauce - we want more sauce!

Bi Bim Bap in hot stone bowl - the egg cooks as you mix it in the sizzling bowl.

I look forward to returning to Woo Nam Jeong soon. They are reportedly open for lunch as well, offering good midday prices.

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