Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Pie in the Sky as Seen on Man Vs. Food

The sheer size of it - Calvin poses with the giant pizza!

After a fun-filled afternoon of rock climbing with a group, we all decided to head to Big Pie in the Sky for some pizza. Man vs. Food attempted their Carnivore Challenge - 2 people have to eat 11 lbs. of meat-heavy pizza in under one hour for a $250 prize (the pizza costs $50) and did not succeed. Our group of 9 succeeded in finishing off the above pie, but did not even try the Carniverous wonder. The pizza actually tasted great. I was a little skeptical with a pie this large, but the bacon cheeseburger and the Margherita specialty pies really impressed. I'm not often in Kennesaw, but if you are, this is a must-try!

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Tiffany Sellers said...

That pizza is incredible. I thought the pizza I had at Koronet's in NYC was big... that's unbelievable!