Friday, August 20, 2010

Yogurberry FroYo in Buckhead

This week I was invited to check out Yogurberry Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies (local site and worldwide site) in Buckhead's Terminus building. A friend and I were treated to several samples of this store's tart yogurt. Current flavors include plain, chocolate mocha, blueberry and taro, and the flavors change regularly. Yogurberry has several unique features when compared with the many yogurt shops popping up around town. For one thing they offer a variety of smoothies, hot drinks and bubble tea in addition to the yogurt. In addition, they offer a granola parfait (pictured above) and a variety of other drinks. I also like the homey touches: hand-made signs and topping combination suggestions including owner Brian Hah's "Brian's Special".

The yogurt here is quite tasty and apparently is made in-house. I liked the plain and taro flavors the best - in my opinion chocolate does not pair well with the tart yogurt taste and the blueberry was a bit sweet for me, but still delicious. They have many different and unique toppings here, including Pocky, mochi, a variety of cereals and tons of fruits and candies. I absolutely loved the avocado shake with bubbles (tapioca balls) added in. Wow - this could definitely be lunch and as it is not too sweet, probably a pretty healthy one. I will be back for that shake and recommend this place for a good, unique yogurt fix. Parking is validated for up to 3 hours.

Plain & blueberry swirl with strawberry, mango, granola and blueberry.

Taro with Strawberries, mochi and coconut - these flavors so very well together - you have to get a taste of each in one bite!

Chocolate Mocha yogurt with marshmallow creme, chocolate sauce and Golden Grahams - Yogurberry's homemade s'more.

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LK said...

That parfait is KILLER, yeah? It's just so jam-packed, it's a party in a cup. My man ordered it and I was almost a little middle-school embarassed by it! (Until he gave me his pirouette cookies, of course)

YUM. xx, LK