Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

Jerusalem Rice Dish with sauteed Tofu and homemade Ginger sauce.

After passing this place multiple times on the way somewhere else, I decided to bite the bullet and try Soul Vegetarian Restaurant on Highland Avenue, just south of Ponce de Leon. The atmosphere is unique and rumor has it that slow service is the norm. It was a little slow (and not very crowded) on my visit, but not terribly so. The above rice dish came out hot, tasty and probably did a lot for my veggie and fiber intake that day! Seriously, it was very good and my friend also enjoyed her BBQ tofu. She also ordered a side salad that came with a tasty garlic dressing. This place is totally vegan and is purportedly owned and run by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, an interesting group to say the least. We had no room to try it, but the restaurant's Ice Kream (non-dairy ice cream) is something I'd like to sample.

Garden salad and BBQ Tofu.

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Grant Wallace Vegetarian Blogger in Atlanta said...

Thanks for the nice post with pictures. I have been planning on visting this restaurant for a while now. I am gonna get a gift card and head out soon. The BBQ tofu looks so good and I have yet to try some vegetarian food from the hebrews! I had some bbq tofu this week from Chelseas Vegetarian Restaurant in Decatur and that was quite nice.