Monday, February 25, 2008

Southern Sweets!

Carrot Cake

On Saturday I lined up with a bunch of soccer playing kids to get a piece of excellent cake from Southern Sweets in Decatur. Dad was visiting and we went with the cousins to try a piece before going to the DeKalb Farmer's Market - that's quite a find, too if you haven't been there. The farmer's market has foods from around the world and a clientele to prove it.

I definitely want to go back to Southern Sweets - great looking desserts and their lunch menu looks delicious, too.

Update: I've been back here several times and enjoyed a piece of red velvet cake over the weekend (3-28-09).

Red Velvet Cake - very tasty - I love the cream cheese frosting.

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Anonymous said...

The Farmers Market is soooooo cold!!! If you can hang out there long enough, you'll come away with great exotic food...