Saturday, August 16, 2008

Einstein's - not so much a genius but good Dessert is Near!

I won a gift card to Metrotainment restaurants back in January, so I thought it was high time to put it to use. Cal and I planned to attend the Friday Jazz at the High Museum, so we parked between the museum and Einstein's and walked to dinner, jazz and then dessert. Unfortunately we soon figure out that weshould have tried Cowtippers - or somewhere other than Einsteins to get our use out of the gift card.

We sat on the patio and the flies were horrible. We should have moved inside immediately but instead suffered through the meal. The inside of the restaurant is actually quite appealing, with modern decor and a pleasant ambiance.

The "sushi" appetizer, which I think has now gone off menu, was the best thing we tried, although it was far from exceptional. The cucumber salad tasted like cucumbers and Siracha - nothing else. While I love Siracha, this is not what I expect when ordering a cucumber salad. I would not recommend this place where there are so many other midtown hot spots with much better food.

Fried sushi roll with tuna poke on the side

Fish with Asparagus - can't remember what kind!

Crabcake melt with cucumber salad

Desserts from Chocolate Pink

Upon returning from the jazz event at the High, we stopped at Chocolate Pink for dessert. They have meticulously created lots of great choices, although the prices are quite high. The atmosphere is calming yet trendy and we enjoyed the strawberry tart and chocolate concoction, although the melon green tea drink was cloyingly sweet.

1077 Juniper St NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 876-7925

Chocolate Pink
905 Juniper St NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 745-9292