Sunday, January 18, 2009

Italian Winner - Allegro

Update: Sadly, Allegro closed on 2/15/09. We will miss you!

Even though Cal's birthday is in October, we just made it to his birthday dinner! Ever since I went to Allegro with some girl friends during restaurant week last year, I wanted to take him there as he's a big fan of Italian food and we are usually eating Asian if I have anything to say about it! Our weeknight meal was sublime, and our server was gracious and helpful. The only unfortunate thing was the noise - there was a group of some sort meeting at the bar and being rowdy and despite the fact that our table was about as far from them as you could get, the noise reverberated through the whole place. In addition, there was a patron who stood out as being the loudest person I have ever encountered in a restaurant. It was so bad that the other tables (including us) were looking at each other and shaking our heads. This guy was SO LOUD! Anyway, we had a wonderful meal in spite of the difficulty in hearing each other and I would recommend Allegro for a special occasion Italian meal.

We shared the Contadina Salad: bibb lettuce with carmelized onions, white creamer potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus & olives in a balsamic vinaigrette.

Grilled grouper fillet over greens with raisins in a creamy sauce. This was so delicious, we both kept switching plates!

Tagliatelle funghi e asparagi - mushrooms & asparagus in a light cream sauce. Some of the best pasta I've ever eaten.

Calvin with Tiramisu & birthday candle

560 Dutch Valley Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 888-1890

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