Saturday, October 03, 2009

ANTICO IS AWESOME - break in travel blogging for important announcement

If you want to be on the forefront of great pizza in Atlanta, go to Antico ASAP. Don't mind that there is basically no place to sit down. You'll be happily eating your pizza standing up. Check out the fresh cheese, chopped garlic, chili oil and spices you can add to your already delicious steaming pizza yourself after it's presented to you and cut. The cannoli isn't bad either. Seriously, THIS is IT right now. Go. Go Now! They close when the dough runs out so you should call first. I don't have photos from my Friday evening pizza lovefest, but just trust me, you don't need photos - you need to go try it out!!

Antico Pizza Napoletana on Urbanspoon


Anonymous said...

I've been following this since Blissful Glutton was almost giddy in her first review. Amy, your tastes are as close to mine as any blogger I know. So, in your opinion, is this the best pizza in town? I suspect by your reaction it's easily in the top 3.


Amy said...

Yes definitely. I suggest eating it there (even though you have to stand up) so that you can taste it right out of the oven. To me, this is the best right now. Really it tastes quite different from what pizza has become in a lot of places but this is how I think it's supposed to taste!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Amy...this is the real thing. Not the "cardboard" crust at the chains, and who could know how to make a pizza better than REAL Italians? It's fantastico!