Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grindhouse Killer Burgers and Auburn Curb Market

Apache Burger with Fries - so yummy!

I finally had a chance to try Grindhouse Killer Burgers, located inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, with a colleague on a windy weekday downtown. I could not resist the peanut butter chocolate milkshake, which was so worth the calories. To me there's something about eating a burger and fries with a milkshake - I so seldom eat red meat, when I do, it's nice to have the whole package.

I tried the Apache burger: house roasted green chiles, grilled onions and pepper-jack cheese - and I think I chose the best one. Wow. This burger is seriously tasty. I also feel nostalgic about crinkle cut fries and these did not disappoint. The onion rings were okay, but did not amaze me.

Euro-Style Burger with Onion Rings.

Frequent visitor card with peanut butter chocolate milkshake.

While we were waiting for our food - we did not have to wait long, but apparently the line is sometimes extremely long - I took a look around Sweet Auburn Curb Market. There are some unique food stands as well as retail shops inside. I saw a Jamaican place as well as cooked to order seafood that I'd like to try. I'm not so sure about using all parts of the pig, but if you need a pig's ear or knuckle, this is your place! There are also produce stands and an organic stand selling eggs and cheeses.

Seafood for sale!


All parts of the pig sold here.

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