Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chicago Trip - Evanston/Wilmette

Salmon Benedict.

While in the Chicago area for a cousin's Bar Mitzvah, I sampled some of the local Evanston/Wilmette cuisine. Unfortunately with so many events to attend, I did not have a chance to eat in Chicago proper. A good reason to return soon!

Near our hotel in Evanston, we found Le Peep, a breakfast food restaurant chain with locations across the country. Breakfast was tasty and the option of salmon Benedict very appealing. Luckily, my familial dining companions were willing to share with me so that I could have some savory also while enjoying the blueberry pancakes. Even grandma left happy and we all thought the coffee was particularly strong and tasty.

Vegetable crepe.

Blueberry pancakes - tasty and huge!

Lentil soup.

Upon our arrival on Friday, we met up with family at C.J. Arthur's in Wilmette. I enjoyed the lentil soup as well as the cookies on the dessert platter (not pictured). The fish was disappointing, however, with little flavor, although it did taste fresh. It was very nice of them to accommodate our group - I'm sure our rowdy group gave them a lot to deal with - and the live music was a nice end to the evening.

Fish with wild rice and asparagus.

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Mr. Bill said...

The Salmon Benedict looked outrageous!! I am so jealous of your adventures in dining.