Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hankook Taqueria

I finally made my first visit to Hankook Taqueria although I've eaten from the related Yumbii food truck several times. This place is very popular for lunch and I found it a bit tricky to find parking. You order at the long counter and then your food is brought out to your table - if you can find one! We ended up sharing a table with another twosome since the place was so packed.

I tried the Bibim-bop, one of my favorite Korean dishes and shared the above sweet potato taquitos as well. The taquitos were tasty and flavorful, with a nice sour cream dip on the side. The Bibim-bop was a bit disappointing, probably because I usually have it way out Buford Highway at more full service Korean restaurants, but I enjoyed it all the same. While I love spice, the amount of hot sauce here was a bit much - I think they would do better to serve it on the side. Hankook is known for its tacos and burritos and the ones I've had from their Yumbii food truck have been quite tasty. The sesame fries are also very good. This combination of Mexican/Korean is certainly an interesting one and another more upscale restaurant venture of the same ownership/genre called Takorea has now opened in Midtown. This is a fun introduction to Korean tastes for those who are not familiar and a fun lunch meeting spot.

Bibim-bop with lots of spicy hot sauce!

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