Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breakfast - Desayuno - at Rosa Mexicano

My favorite dish: Shredded Beef with Eggs - so flavorful and juicy!

I had the opportunity to sample the new breakfast menu at Rosa Mexicano while we were in Atlanta in mid-March. The breakfast offerings are available every weekend starting at opening time (11:30 AM) and include some delicious choices. While you cannot go wrong with any of the breakfast offerings, my favorite dish by far is the Machacado con Huevo or Shredded Beef with Eggs. This is made from short rib and includes scrambled eggs with the succulent shredded beef, jalepenos, tomatoes and onions, served hot in a cast iron skillet with tortillas on the side. This is truly one of the best breakfast dishes I have ever tasted! My second favorite main dish is the Creamy Breakfast Tamale, which is grits infused with chorizo, topped with chile-poached eggs and fried cheese - yum! I also really liked the Fried Eggs and Carnitas Hash and the Stuffed French Toast (see photos with additional details).

Special drinks are also available. A sucker for good hot chocolate, I adore the Mexican Hot Chocolate - and get the churros on the side - these are awesome! The hot chocolate itself is infused with almonds and cinnamon and served with whipped cream - delicious. I also enjoyed trying to Coconut Horchata made from pressed rice milk and the variety of Aqua Frescas or "Fresh Waters". My favorites are the honeydew melon and the hibiscus blackberry but the cucumber-tomatillo is also tasty. Although we did not sample them this visit, special adult breakfast beverages such as Mezcal Bloody Maria and Horchata Especial (Anejo tequila, coffee liqueur and horchata with espresso!) are also available and sound awesome.

If you have the chance to try Rosa Mexicano on the weekend, definitely check out the brown paper menu on the table, which offers this special breakfast menu!

Horchata (left) and Fresh Water selections.


Fried Eggs and Carnitas Hash - love the pineapple-habenero mustard jam served on the side!

Tropical Fruit Bowl - a nice lighter selection.

Soft Scrambled Eggs and Cactus Paddle served with molletes (soft roll spread with refried black beans).

Mexican hot chocolate - yum!

Stuffed French Toast - Cinnamon-Cascabel chile-crusted brioche bread filled with Mascarpone cheese, topped with caramelized plantains - has a delicious kick. One of my favorite items!

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Disclosure: The meal described in this review was complimentary.