Sunday, March 09, 2014

La Tagliatella - Epicentre

The Tagliatella signature pizza with eggplant. 

I have been meaning to blog about La Tagliatella for quite some time so I am glad I am finally able to post about this relatively new Italian option in Charlotte. La Tagliatella is a chain restaurant, but unlike most that we know, most of its locations are in Spain with only 6 locations in the US. The Charlotte location opened early last fall and we enjoyed a friends and family night and media night. A few weeks later, we took my mom for a special birthday dinner and had a very enjoyable meal. The above pizza, actually called the Tagliatella, is one of my favorite menu items - how could it not be delicious with fried eggplant and drizzled with honey and balsamico glaze? We also really enjoyed the Caesar salad and several pastas - I can't recall exactly what is in every photo but we did enjoy everything. For dessert, try the bocconcino - a cheesecake topped with delicious custard. There is a lot to choose from and the dining room has a neat, unique European feel. There is a special lunch menu, kids menu and bar menu and regular specials including some great specials in March - see the website for details. I encourage you to try La Tagliatella if you are uptown - it is definitely a great option at Epicentre. 

Beef Carpaccio with pierina.

Caesar Salad - very good!

Pasta with red sauce and meatballs. There are a variety of handmade pastas including several stuffed pasta options. 

Garlic Shrimp with Ravioli - much of the pasta is made in house. 


Another tasty pizza - you fold it over so you taste all the components. 

Desserts including the special cheesecake (right) - one of my favorite cheesecake renditions ever!

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