Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lunch Standby: Lee's Bakery

Lee's Bakery is one of my favorite places to pick up a quick lunch during the week. Usually I get a roasted pork banh mi sandwich, which consists of roasted pork, pickled vegetables, garlic mayo sauce, fresh jalepeno peppers, and cilantro on a fresh, French baguette. Lee's also has a full service restaurant space in addition to takeout, where soups and other Vietnamese specialties are available. I've been meaning to try their banh xeo (yellow pancake) as I've yet to find a decent version in Atlanta - yes, this is one food that I feel is better and offered at more places in Charlotte, NC, my hometown. They also sell bread at great prices and make wonderful croissants including one with chocolate inside!

Yesterday I opted for something different, the fresh spring rolls and a Chinese steamed bun. I love fresh spring rolls - these are with pork and shrimp, and at 3 for $3.00, it's a great deal. The steamed bun was not exactly what I expected and I would not get it again. I was expecting barbecued pork on the inside like the steamed buns at dim sum restaurants. Instead there was a small piece of sausage, 1/2 hardboiled egg and a small amount of ground pork. Mostly, it was just steamed bread. At $1.50, it could be a filling lunch all in itself if you weren't looking for a whole lot of taste! Next time I get a banh mi I will post a photo. The best place for banh mi, in my opinion, is Quoc Huong, which is a little too far out BH to justify going all the way there from my office. Luckily, Lee's version is very tasty and at $2.50 also makes for a very cheap yet filling lunch.

Steamed Chinese bun and fresh spring rolls from Lee's Bakery.

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