Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Stop - El Potro

Tonight we took the plunge and stopped at El Potro on Buford Highway without any research, rumor or recommendation. As one of the closer Mexican places to Atlanta, I wasn't too surprised to find a good mix of patrons. I was pleased to see it wasn't all gringos, however, but it was nice in a way to be able to read the whole menu (although I do enjoy some of the more authentic places where I'm never quite sure what I'm getting!) Overall it was a very good value (dinner for 2 with tip = $25) and the food was tasty. We tried the carnitas and shrimp fajitas and requested corn tortillas rather than flour. The carnitas were tasty, although there was a good amount of fat that had to be removed from the large chunks of pork. The shrimp fajitas were served steaming hot with lots of sauteed onions and peppers, which I like. I asked for hot sauce, thinking it would come in a little bottle (there were none on the tables) but the waiter brought out small pots: one with a red salsa different from what the chips are served with, a green salsa and an onion/cilantro mix. While these were all interesting and I enjoyed experimenting with them on the tacos that I made, I was looking for a bit more heat. The lime served with the carnitas was quite dry, so it was difficult to get enough juice out of it. Overall I would come back another time if I didn't feel like going further out & I would insist on some real hot sauce (or maybe bring my own) and see if they could slice up a fresh lime!


Shrimp fajitas - served with a side of beans, lettuce, sour cream & thin guacamole.

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