Monday, April 20, 2009

Korean BBQ and Bakery

When a BBQ restaurant has photos of cows on its sign... you know it has to be good!

On Easter Sunday I ventured to Han Il Kwan with some friends and family members. Although I've been to several Korean restaurants, this was my first experience with the tabletop grill. Overall the experience was very enjoyable - and much faster than one might think for a meal prepared at your table. The neat thing here is that the waitstaff is not intrusive nor are they putting on a show like at a hibachi place. Instead, the waitress controls the grill and cooks everything, but you are responsible for pulling the meat off and wrapping it in lettuce leafs with rice, spiced lettuce, kimchee and other goodies. We tried the ribeye and the marinated beef shortribs. Both were delicious. The seafood pancake was also excellent. Since we had quite a few folks we also got a rice dish with seafood. Although this was fairly bland before we added hot sauce, I do like how the rice crusts up at the bottom of the hot stone bowl. If you've never tried Korean barbecue, you should give it a shot. I've heard about several really good places in Duluth. What's your favorite place for Korean BBQ? Please post to the comments section!

Charcoal grill in the center of our table.

Banchan - my favorite was the one at nine o' clock - not sure what it is!

Meat - ready to cook!

Seafood pancake - delicious and not as greasy as some I've tried elsewhere.

Cooking meat.

Seafood bi bim bap.

Outside Mozart Cafe and Bakery.

After lunch we stopped by Mozart's for some ice cream. They have the best crumb cream bread here & an overall nice atmosphere for taking in a cup of coffee or tea and a pastry.

Closest in the photo - my favorite crumb cream bread. I could eat one of these every day!

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Goldilocks Bakery said...

Hmmm... I never heard about Korean Bakery before. Wish I can also go there and have a taste of it myself. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting!


francis said...

that Seafood pancake looks delicious. reminds me of good-old- crispy pizza

lechon philippines

Anonymous said...

We've been to Georgia a few times this year and have try some Korean restaurants. But haven't found one that I'm totally in love with yet. What's some of your favorites restaurants that you would recommend? I've seen some that says buffet and is open 24 hours, however haven't got a chance to try them out yet either. As for the Mozart Bakery in Georgia, if anyone hasn't tried them before...gosh you need to try them. Not sure what the name of the bread is called, but it looks like a loaf of bread and has cream filling inside of the loaf. The bread is so soft and the cream has the right amount of sweetness to it, not too rich, but more like a whipped filling...yummm...we have family in Georgia, and everytime they come to visit...we request for's that good. Too bad, there's not one here in NC.