Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Dinner with Ole Smokehouse Meats

Diane's fabulous rhubarb pie.

On Saturday night we had a wonderful meal at home including barbecued chicken and ribs from the Ole Smokehouse in Charlotte. Although the restaurant has a faded interior, I still remember fondly the weekly Thursday night meals I had here with my father growing up. We each always ordered the same thing: 1/4 BBQ chicken white meat, salad with homemade Greek dressing and blue cheese dressings on the side (had to mix the dressings), baked potato and hush puppies. The Smokehouse serves a fabulous BBQ sauce, which is sweet and spicy and goes great with almost everything. I used to slosh it all over my potato and hush puppies as well as on the meat. The secret to the meats is an old Chinese smoker oven, on display down the hall past the restrooms at the Montford Drive location.

Chicken and ribs from the Ole Smokehouse and Dad's delicious eggplant Parmesan.

Lynn's creative and tasty salad.

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