Saturday, June 06, 2009

Trivia Night at Cheyenne Grill

Chicken Nachos.

On Thursday I dined with some of my friendly neighbors at Cheyenne Grill during Thursday night trivia. I really liked the homemade potato chips. The burger was okay, but nothing great, although I did enjoy the sweet potato fries. The nachos had a lot of water on the bottom, rendering the lower chips quite soggy. Otherwise they weren't bad, with lots of toppings. I didn't try the salad or the quesadilla - just photographed with my usual frenzy. The place was crowded and it was a little bit difficult to hear the trivia questions (to be fair, we were seated at the far end of the room away from the trivia table), but we still had a great time and I got to know some of my neighbors a bit better. I also love the trivia concept - activity while eating is good - I'd like to keep trying different places until I find the perfect place for me!

Homemade chips with bleu cheese dipping sauce.

Swiss burger with sweet potato fries.


Cobb salad.

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