Thursday, June 18, 2009

Miso Izakaya

Frozen grapes presented with the check - a unique touch.

I finally tried Miso Izakaya after reading many reviews. Miso. located on the newly trendy Edgewood Avenue, dubs itself a Japanese gastropub and their drink list and liquor selection look great. The menu is currently different from the version on the website, with some dishes gone and others added. My favorite dish was the agedashi tofu - simple and delicious - although the chocolate cake with green tea ice cream was a close second - very tasty.

The sushi was a dissapointment, especially the spicy tuna roll, which was mostly rice. The salmon (my favorite sushi) was also not very tasty, although the white tuna and scallop were decent. The soft shell crab had a dramatic presentation and good flavor; the curried beef croquette was another highlight. I really liked the decor of the restaurant and service was good. I might return here for drinks or the cooked food, but not for the sushi. I would also like to try the lunch specials.

Nice outdoor space. The interior blends chocolate tones and interesting, tree-like fixtures to create a warm atmosphere.

Ginger carrot salad - carrots were absent but maybe they're in the dressing?

Awesome drink list - I'll have to come back to try some of these.

Agedashi tofu (left) and ground beef croquette.

Baby octopus sushi.

Scallop, white tuna, salmon and spicy tuna roll.

Soft shell crab.

Chocolate cake with green tea ice cream - delicious, just not big enough!

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