Monday, December 07, 2009

Crepe Cellar Kitchen - Charlotte, NC

While in Charlotte a few weeks ago, I tried out Crepe Cellar Kitchen for Sunday lunch. Located in the NoDa (North Davidson) district, this is a welcome addition to Charlotte's continuing culinary expansion.

I really enjoyed my lunch here, especially the savory and sweet crepes. The butter sugar crepe is simplicity at its best and the Nutella banana a serious chocolate-lover's indulgence. I would definitely like to come back here, at least for dessert!

Calvin's fish & chips.

Cellar burger.

Ham and Gruyere Crepe with Potatoes.

Special omelet of the day with sausage.

Spinach and wild mushroom crepe with goat cheese and chicken - very tasty.

Nutella and banana crepe. We also tried the butter sugar crepe.

Full bar.

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Jessica said...

Mario and I visited here one evening a few months ago(there's a blog post draft somewhere around here...). The wait was super long, but I liked the food as well. Strangely enough though, neither of us ordered crepes! So I'd like to try dessert too!

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