Thursday, April 08, 2010

Eating Local - Small Farms CSA

Earlier this year we made a commitment to eat locally grown fruits and vegetables and buy local, humanely raised meat. If you want to know why, read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Although this change can be difficult at first, there are quite a few sources for these products including farmer's markets and CSA's (community supported agriculture) groups.

We subscribe to a CSA and really love it. At the beginning of the season you pay for a "share" and become a co-producer. Essentially, you are helping the farms with operating costs in exchange for receiving a share of what is produced on the participating farms. This includes lots vegetables, some fruits and sometimes goat cheese, fresh eggs, grits, cornmeal, honey and other products. Everything is in season and fresh. Every two weeks we receive our meat share (an optional extra cost). They are just about to start their spring season so I wanted to share some information from the farmers, Joe and Judith that I just received in case any readers are interested.

"After a long, wet winter, we are thrilled to be back outside, working the earth. The spring crops are growing. We've got beautiful lettuces and cooking greens, endive. The summer seedlings are ready to go in. And, of course, the chickens are still laying those amazing eggs.

After the floods of last September, many things changed for us. We moved out of the camper on the farm, and back into our house in Grant Park. The crisis also forced us to re-evaluate our business and marketing plans. Judith took part time work in the city as Assistant Maitre d' at Restaurant Eugene, and as manager of the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market. Joe has stayed focused on rebuilding the farm and growing the best food he can possibly grow. We're also moving our produce around differently, so we wanted to give you an update on where you can find us this season.

Love is Love Farm CSA We are operating our CSA (community supported agriculture) again this year, and we are looking for new members. You can find us every week from May to August delivering CSA shares on Thursdays and Sundays. The CSA is a great way to support the farm, and be a part of the Love is Love community in a steady, consistent way. In addition to a weekly delivery of the freshest and finest of what we have growing, you explore and learn about cooking and eating with the seasons. Member of our CSA also are invited to participate in exclusive member gatherings on farm. The CSA is the mainstay of our business this year. We hope you will consider joining us.

For more information on our delivery locations, cost, and joining our CSA, visit

Love is Love Farm at Market
There are two opportunities to shop with us at market this year:
The Local Farmstand. Since 2007, we have operated this store in cooperation with Crystal Organic Farm. It is a convenient way to access the best of the season's offering. The Local Farmstand is open Thursday through Saturday and always carries our produce.In addition to our produce, we carry grits, honey, sorghum, mushrooms and other seasonal goodies from our farm friends.

The East Atlanta Village Farmers Market
Since Judith has taken the position of market manager at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market, and since it's our neighborhood market, we decided to sell and have a CSA drop at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market. This is a fun, funky little neighborhood market that operates every Thursday night from May to November. Opening day is May 6th. We hope to see you there. We are looking for 25 CSA susbscribers to pick-up there on Thursday nights. If you're interested, or know someone who might be interested. Please forward our information to them."

You can also learn more about Small Farms CSA on their Facebook page, here. I plan to do more cooking posts and including items received from our CSA after the season begins on May 2.