Monday, April 05, 2010

Urban Pl8 - Brunch, Lunch and Dinner

Double-patty Banh Mi Burger - a delicious concept, adding pickled veggies and jalepenos to a very good burger. There is also a lamb burger on the menu.

I'm intrigued with the (fairly) new Westside spot Urban Pl8, where I have dined for brunch (no photos), lunch and dinner. The restaurant recently expanded their dinner service to Wednesday through Saturday. Interestingly, their lunch and dinner menu is identical, although it changes quite often (even daily, sometimes). The look here is garage/warehouse turned restaurant and the whole place is really one big room with a nice, long bar and the kitchen visible from the dining area. I like this concept, although I think it may be difficult for them to control the temperature (especially during colder months). There is also a patio, which I hope is in full use now that spring has sprung and we are heading for HOTlanta's warmest months.

Hummus appetizer. Good, fairly standard hummus.

Lamb Pizza appetizer: the flavors did not mesh as well together as I'd hoped. This is not on the current menu.

Sweet potato gnocchi - winter item now off the current menu. This was so tasty! I am not usually a gnocchi fan but through I'd give it a try since this was a sweet potato version. Paired with duck confit and braised kale, it was delicious! I hope they bring it back next winter.

Stir-fry Brown Rice and Vegetables. Calvin ordered this and liked it but wasn't crazy about it.

Hangar steak - tasty; I think the new menu changes the base, but these white beans were delicious.

Veggie Burger.

Doughnut dessert.

Banana Toffee Cream Pie - tasty and fresh.

The above was from a family dinner. I also had lunch with a friend on a cold winter's day. Below are the photos from lunch.

Sweet potato soup - very creamy, sweet and delicious. This made my day!

Goat cheese salad with truffle oil. This salad was a bit underwhelming but fresh and tasty nevertheless.

Asian Beef Salad - tasty and crunchy.

Chocolate chip cookie sandwich with Mascarpone icing. Wow - a great finale to my first lunch at Urban Pl8.

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