Friday, April 23, 2010

South Carolina Extravaganza!

Frogmore Stew.

In March I was invited to a neat event showcasing the culinary highlights of South Carolina. The chefs were there in full force, with all sorts of tasty nibbles and more substantial fare. Alas, I did not win one of the door prizes but it was fun talking with representatives from the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism as well as a real live SC park ranger! There are definitely a lot of good eats to be found in this state to our north.

Delicious shrimp and grits.

Chef James Clark from the Marina Inn's Waterscapes Restaurant in Myrtle Beach.

Perfectly shucked oyster. We learned that the best time for oysters in the south is January and February. Technique: make sure there is a clean break!

Tasty desserts included pecan tarts, pralines, divinity and red velvet mini-cupcakes.

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Publisher said...

Just found your blog. Wow, gotta get some of that Frogmore Stew. Excellent photos! We'll be back!