Monday, June 28, 2010

Crawfish Shack Seafood

Boiled Shack-tastic Platter for One!

One of my new favorite places on Buford Highway is Crawfish Shack Seafood, a Vietnamese owned restaurant serving Cajun classics at great prices. The restaurant was featured in this NY Times article about the prevalence of Vietnamese-owned Creole/Cajun restaurants. Everything we've tried here pleased us, especially the boiled seafood - crayfish, shrimp, wonderful crab, and mussels too - the hush puppies and the beignets. There is nice, nautical themed seating inside, but luckily both times we've ventured here we've managed to secure one of the two outdoor tables in the front. The restaurant is in a brand new strip that is a bit difficult to see from the road. Raw seafood is also available to buy and cook at home. But why do that when it's so great here?

Tilapia, shrimp combo with hush puppies and slaw.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article, and thank you very much for the NYT link. Quite interesting!

FnS. said...

I am enjoying your blog! Thank you for the tips on great restaurants to visit in Atlanta. Sometimes its good to try new places! I would also love to hear when Water Haven opens!