Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garlic Thai and Sushi in Decatur

Green papaya salad and grilled squid with mango.

We celebrated my cousin's birthday at the recently opened Garlic Thai and Sushi in Decatur. We opted to sit on the patio, where quite a few tables are available for al fresco dining. In addition to an extensive Thai menu, the restaurant also offers a selection of "street food", with a separate menu, and a paper sushi menu. The most outstanding thing we tried is the fried catfish (below). The massaman curry was also tasty and creamy. The sushi we tried did not stand out - the salmon nigri did not have much taste at all and the fish was too thinly sliced. Also frustrating, the server got our sushi order wrong even after scrutinizing the paper menu and asking us about what we wanted twice. It was also odd that the sushi - just 2 pieces of nigri and one roll did not come out until after all the other food was delivered. I could understand this if the place was full, but only about 2 other tables were occupied. Still, we did not try much of the sushi so there could be other rolls that would be better. I'd love to see a sticky rice with mango dessert - one of my favorites.

Inside the space has been nicely redecorated and includes photographs of southeast Asia. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

Patio view.

Ginger shrimp, massaman curry and fried catfish.

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