Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Big Ketch a Big Disappointment

Blackened Dry-Pack Sea Scallops with Georgia Peach Dipping Sauce

I was provided with a $25 gift certificate to try out The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill, which opened in late 2010 in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood. Thinking this would be a fun place to take the family for some good seafood, we tried it out on a cool, rainy evening. We were seated on the enclosed patio, which has bar-stool height tables. Although there were heaters it was still quite chilly. The indoor portion of the restaurant looked neat and rather upscale. Maybe I would have felt better about the prices if I'd been sitting inside.

In addition to the scallop appetizer pictured above, which was tasty but small for the $10 price tag, we tried the salmon with chili sauce entree and the lobster roll. The hush puppies and cole slaw that we chose to accompany the salmon were not memorable and the salmon itself was boring and plain as well. The mango-sweet chili sauce tasted like the chili sauce you buy for $1.39 at any area Asian market. The lobster roll was delicious but provided only about 4 bites that included any lobster meat. Overall the portions seemed really small to me for the price. Our bill ended up being around $50 before the gift certificate and we left hungry. That was for 1 appetizer, a sandwich and an entree. For that price, I expect more. While our whole family loves seafood, this place didn't stand out enough for me to want to go back.

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Anonymous said...

What is your culinary background or do you actually think you know what you are talking about?
You've probably never worked in a restaurant. You sound like a buckhead Betty that's got too much time on her hands and not enough experience by criticizing businesses that are trying their best to please their guests. my suggestion to you is go to culinary school, graduate, get a job and learn food the right way before you consider what you say again. Amateur.

Amy said...

Anonymous, Obviously you do not know anything about my background and I find your comment quite offensive. This review and all of my reviews are based on my personal experiences. Instead of bashing my culinary intelligence, tell me what you like about The Big Ketch. That would be much more productive. Thanks.