Friday, June 24, 2011

Ice Cream Contest Excitement - Amy on Food Wins!

On Saturday June 18, 2011 I entered Slow Food Atlanta's 5th Annual Ice Cream Social fundraiser. Here's the scoop (yes, pun intended): contestants bring 2-3 gallons of homemade ice cream packed in a cooler with dry ice and an ice cream scoop. Slow Food Atlanta supplies the rest. The rules stated that you must use at least one locally sourced ingredient.

After testing out a few recipes, I decided on my flavor: Lemon-Basil Chocolate Chunk. The lemon-basil is one herb, not a combo of regular basil and lemon. I was fortunate to have neighbors donate the lemon-basil and our friends Dana and Jonah supplied me with local, fresh eggs. The fresh eggs really made the ice cream shine and the lemon-basil gave it a fresh, different taste. The chocolate chunks (dark) added to the mix and gave it that satisfying crunch. It seemed that folks liked my flavor mainly because it was unique, but not too over the top. One man came back for thirds!

I had a blast making all the ice cream and my family really enjoyed the event. About 25 contestants participated. Most of the contestants were restaurants and professional ice cream makers. Miller Union, The National, Canoe, Empire State South, Sean Doty, Ron Eyester and Julia LeRoy, among others, participated. Some of the other flavors: sweet corn ice cream with blueberry compote from Miller Union (won "fan favorite"), toffee crunch from The National (won "classic flavor"), horchata sorbet, watermelon sorbet, Thai iced tea, blueberry pie, blueberry cheesecake, coconut curry, strawberry rhubarb, chocolate mint and more.

With such stiff competition I was not expecting to win. When Judith Winfrey announced that "the winner of most innovative flavor is an amateur", the crowd went wild and I could hardly even hear my name! It was very exciting. I will forever remember this day and look forward to making more ice cream.

I made about 3 gallons of ice cream for this event. I love making ice cream but I am glad to take a break for a couple of weeks!

Lots of interested tasters.

Serving and serving... I think about 220 samples of lemon-basil chocolate chunk were distributed.

My prize - a really nice pink ice cream scoop.


Prism the Rainbow Unicorn said...

Congrats, Amy! Great flavor idea! :)

JWC said...

Hey, thanks for adding me. I just added you as well. Oh yeah, congrats on winning. :)

Chef Michelle said...

Sounds yummy!! Congrats on your win!

MerryJohnson said...

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Unknown said...

Amy, this sounds wonderful. I must try that flavor, did you use chunks, shavings or chips of dark chocolate?

Congratulations on winning. I love to cook, but have never had the nerve to enter a cooking contest. Maybe someday...

I'm following with GFC.

Amy said...

@Aimee - it was a combination of Lindt 70% and Lindt 85% dark chocolate, chopped from bar form! Glad you like the ice cream post!