Saturday, June 11, 2011

Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q

Lots of logs needed for all of this BBQ!

After a wonderful hike at Red Top Mountain State Park, we were hungry and ventured to Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q in Marietta. The restaurant has several other locations, including Douglasville and Canton. At once we were given the opportunity to try the "all you can eat" deal, which was quite a deal - I believe it was around $10 - $11 for all of the riblets, chopped pork and sides you could eat. It was pretty funny that they brought out one onion ring at a time, although I will admit it was a pretty large onion ring. Overall the meal satisfied our hungry tummies but was by no means outstanding. The chopped pork was tasty as were the baby back ribs that Cal ordered separately (not available with all you can eat) and the pies were a nice finish. However, when I'm in the mood for BBQ I'll head to Fox Brothers any day! I also want to try Heirloom Market BBQ very soon!


Chopped pork and Brunswick stew. The stew was, disappointingly, too sweet.

Chocolate and Key Lime Pies.

Ribs with fried okra and mac & cheese.

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