Friday, June 10, 2011


Tasting of butter, feta, mint, olives, walnuts, cucumber and radishes they serve with the delicious bread.

From top: Sufi's special eggplant, eggplant mixed with yogurt and onion and stuffed grape leaves. We also tried the yogurt mixed with beets. All very good!

I was so pleased to hear that Sufi's, a Persian restaurant, opened ITP not too far from my office. Although it was still cold when we visited, we sat on the heated patio, which was quite enjoyable. Our server took really good care of us and, despite making a mistake with our appetizer, she quickly made up for it by bringing the correct item at no charge. The appetizers were all excellent and you could make an entire meal out of the dishes, many of which include yogurt or eggplant. The salads look interesting as well - something to try next time. I love saffron - the aroma is so unique and really just makes your mouth water, so the rice was definitely a hit. Although I was really excited about the pomegranate/walnut/chicken combo of the Fesenjoon, I found it a bit dry and thick. Next time I'd like to try the beef in tomato sauce or the ground beef kabob.

Fesenjoon - chicken with walnuts and pomegranate. I loved the flavor but the dish came off a bit dry. I'm not sure how this happened since it is in a sauce but I think it has to do with the chicken being a bit overcooked and walnuts being in the sauce. Still very tasty. Love the saffron rice!

I believe this was baklava cheesecake.

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