Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chocolates Worth Ordering - John & Kira's

My mom came across these hand crafted chocolates made by John & Kira's, a small company run by food enthusiasts from Philadelphia who started their own chocolate company. They use ingredients from small farmers and growers who are committed to environmentalism and community support. In this "Every Flavor" collection, where each flavor is partially named after where the ganache flavor originates, you get to sample ten different chocolates, each with a Valrhona chocolate ganache center. My favorites are Drew Elementary Garden Mint, Just Us Bergamot and La Vigne Lemongrass. I was lucky enough to find this box waiting for me when I arrived home yesterday. Thanks, Mom!

Flowers and chocolates, what else is Valentine's Day for?

Close up of several flavors. Each flavor has its own unique marking so you can tell what you're getting. The flavors are so intense, though, that even if the chocolates were unmarked, you would know right away on that first bite!

My box as it stands now... a few already missing!