Friday, May 14, 2010

Crepe Revolution

Peppered Lamb with Cherries Reduction Crepe (my personal favorite) paired with Classic Red Sangria.

Recently, with the help of my friend and fellow blogger Malika (see her post here), I was invited to a blogger's tasting at Crepe Revolution in Smyrna. Not one to normally venture out to Smyrna, this was a good excuse to visit a new place one evening after work. After living in France for a summer, I can say that crepes are one of my favorite foods and although Crepe Revolution's rendering of crepes is not quite what I'm used to, I do recommend the place and admire its concept and commitment to bringing a quality product to consumers at a decent price.

Ginger Crab Rolls, paired with White Peach Sangria.

The tasting I attended paired new menu items with the restaurant's new line of sangrias. We also tried the bananas foster crepe (delicious - photo below) for dessert, which is a menu mainstay. My favorites include the ginger crab rolls - lots of delicious crab and a hit of ginger make this roll really stand out. Although the tastes were relatively similar I also enjoyed the Thai chicken purses, below. My favorite, however, is definitely the lamb. I've never before enjoyed lamb in a crepe, but the flavors are amazing. There is cheese inside the crepe, which allows for that wonderful fruit/cheese/meat combination that many find very pleasing! I definitely hope this one goes on the new menu and stays there. As for the sangrias, my favorite is the white peach, although I do give the restaurant credit for including lychees in one of the sangrias also.

Chicken Thai Peanut Purses with Green Apple Lychee Sangria.

My only criticism about this place is that although crepes allow for a beautiful presentation in a variety of ways, the crepes here do not really taste all that different than if the main ingredients were on a plate sans crepe. From looking at the menu, the rich, long list of ingredients in most the dishes point to this being a problem for many of the selections.

Before trying Crepe Revolution, my memory of the tastiness of a crepe stemmed from the actual crepe and still, one of my favorite crepes is simply a plain sweet crepe with cinnamon and sugar, maybe a squeeze of lemon juice.

The good thing is that this issue can be overcome by creating your own crepe from "The Crepe Experience" section of the menu - and taking it light on the ingredients. Also, for weekend brunch, crepes are offered simply with maple syrup. Still, I would like to see French crepe classics like ham and gruyere, mushroom with goat cheese and onion and a simple lemon sugar crepe included on the menu - maybe even in their own section - to inspire people to taste the quality of the crepe itself instead of the quality ingredients in the middle.

I definitely do recommend Crepe Revolution and I look forward to trying more dishes there. Could an intown location be on the horizon?! Let's hope so.

Crepe Del Mar with Kiwi Grapefruit Sangria.

Bananas Foster Crepe - yum!

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food lover said...

The service was poor. Made the visit less memorable. Food was okay.