Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tasty China in Marietta

Clockwise from bottom left: Chinese salad (off menu), baby wonton soup with chicken flavor, spring onion with pork and baby wonton soup with spicy and sour sauce.

After years of hearing about Tasty China, I finally had a chance to try it with a few family members. Divided between fans of extreme spice and those looking to keep their taste buds intact, we tried menu items from the spicy and not so spicy realms of the menu. The Chinese salad, an off-menu special, delighted with it's spicy, fresh flavors. I also loved the wonton soup with spicy and sour sauce - and they are not joking about the spice. Somehow it gets easier to eat the more you've had; perhaps some of that numbing pepper is included in there!

Dry fried eggplant with hot and numbing pepper.

The spice fans also really enjoyed the dry fried eggplant. With just the right amount of crispy spiciness, this dish is a true Sichuan special. Honestly, I don't know of any other place in the Atlanta area with food like this - although I've never traveled to China, in my mind this is what I think authentic Sichuan food tastes like.

"Alive" fish - talapia pulled from the tank near the door before steaming. Deliciously fresh, light, flaky fish was gone before we knew it!

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dtownkid said...

the numbing peppers are Flower peppers and I hate them and I'm korean! It numbs your tongue and it's hard to taste anything else. I always tell the waitress to leave it out. :)

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