Friday, July 16, 2010

Canada O' Canada - May Toronto Trip

Pure bliss - a Toronto Hot Dog from the cart - with fries.

Back in May Calvin and I traveled to Toronto for a wonderful extended weekend for a family wedding. We stayed at the awesome Fairmont Royal York Hotel, which reminded me of what I think it would have been like to stay on The Titanic. The wedding was held at the hotel and was gorgeous. See below for a photo-log.

Shabbat Dinner at our cousin's house.

St. Lawrence Market goodness: St. Urbain Bagel. These bagels are nothing like what we get in the south: warm, chewy, with a very unique taste - there's really nothing like it!

St Urbain Bagel on Urbanspoon

Indian Buffet in India town.

Delicious Naan.

New Haandi 2000 on Urbanspoon

Greek dips at the night-before-the-wedding dinner.

Greek Salad.

Chicken kabob.

Megas on Urbanspoon

Restaurant atop the famous CN Tower.


Quiche with salad and sweet potato fries.

Fish from the lake!

Salmon - not from the lake!

Chocolate mousse.

The family at brunch, high up in the sky.

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Fabulous dessert at the wedding dinner.

Famous ice cream shop.

We tried roasted marshmallow, sweet cream, cardamom and lemon merigue.

Greg's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon



Salt and Pepper Calamari.

Sang Ho on Urbanspoon

Crepe and croissant-wich at a cute place near our hotel - can't remember the name!

Omelet and toast with fruit.

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Tiffany Sellers said...

Reading your blog in the morning is no good for me! Those Greek dishes and that wedding dessert (which is unlike anything I've ever seen) are making me count the hours until lunch :)