Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dave's Cosmic Subs

Meatball Sub.

After a long day, we stopped by Dave's Cosmic Subs on a rainy Saturday evening for some subs. This small shop, which features a small outdoor (but enclosed) seating area is popular with Emory students. Delivery is available as well, which is a neat option if you live nearby. The sub options vary widely, the menu divided into Hot and Cold options, with the option of heating the "Cold" subs anyway. I always thought when passing by that this place might be a bit of a diamond in the rough and what we tried did not disappoint.

The subs are HUGE, although 1/2 options are offered. Probably a better value to get the whole thing and save some for later! The meatball contained 3 enormous, tasty meatballs, tasty tomato sauce and lots of melted cheese. I'm actually not the biggest fan of meatball subs so for me to even like this at all is a good sign. The Original Dave's Cosmic Sub (below) was also tasty, with lots of meat and flavor. Next time I go back I want to try Dave's Far Our Chicken and the chocolate dipped key lime pie - sounds divine.

I noticed they do have a couple of veggie options, including a veggie burger sub. Another neat thing about going to Dave's is that they provide permanent markers for you to write with directly on the wall - of course there isn't much room left but something about that definitely takes me back to my own college days... Try it and let me know what you think!

The Original Dave's Cosmic Sub - basically a glorified Italian.

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jimmy said...

oh man, that meatball sub is right up my alley. want.