Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Havana Grill

Cuban Sandwich.

On a recent trip down Buford Highway, Calvin and I decided to check out Havana Grill, which comes with its own family saga. You order at the counter, then sit down and wait for your food to arrive. We tried some maduros (not pictured) as well as the Cuban sandwich and the beef picadillo, served with beans, rice, bread and salad. Everything was really tasty, especially the black beans and rice, which could definitely stand alone in a big way. This place offers many traditional Cuban dishes and is in my opinion, the closest thing to the original Havana that burned down in 2008. Hopefully I'll be back soon to try something else!

Beef Picadillo with beans, rice, salad and bread.

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dajoey said...

I always get the melanesa(sp?)(fried steak) sandwich... it's divine. It's fried steak, cheese, and the little crispy fries like the cuban places in miami. sogood!

Juan Ruiz said...

Looks like some bad stuff going on here.