Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chef G's Burger Bar at Park 75

House Grind with Sweet Potato Fries.

I was recently invited to sample Chef G's (Gerstenecker's) Burger Bar in the kitchen of the Park 75 restaurant, located inside Atlanta's Four Season's Hotel in midtown. The Burger Bar is open each Wednesday and includes 2 seatings with 8 people each. Reservations are accepted. The neatest part of the experience for me was getting inside the kitchen of such a high class restaurant and watching the many chefs prepare not just our burgers and accompaniments, but also the rest of the food served out in the dining room.

Luckily, I was able to share both the Buford Highway Duck Burger and the House Grind Burger, which gave me a good sampling of the burger menu that week. My favorite was the House Grind, topped with Pimena cheese, fried green tomato and chow-chow. I also tried all of the side dishes - the sweet potato fries and the poutine definitely won out for me. I also loved the housemade pickles, served in a jar at the high-top steel table. This is a unique Atlanta experience and I recommend it for a fun lunch. The milkshakes (available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and red velvet) added a nice nostalgic touch and I loved going up to the roof to see the herbs and the honeybees after the meal.

The experience starts here.

They even have ice made from tea so as not to dilute your ice tea with water - neat idea.

Buford Highway Duck Burger with Onion Rings - my selection.

The burger options change frequently, with four options available any given week.

One strawberry and five red velvet milkshakes.

House grind with loaded tots.

On the roof Chef G grows herbs used to enhance the restaurant's dishes.

He also raises honeybees and makes candies from the delicious honey.

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